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Noise, Electronics, Numbers
Rules in Red updated 26 January 1999
Rules in Green updated 8 December 1999
Rules in Purple updated Conference 2000
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T 5.     Noise
No vehicles shall exceed 95 d.b.a..  Measured from 25 meter's on the infield from pole line on fastest part of straight with meter held not less than 1 metre above ground.

T 6.     Electronics
T 6-1
The use of cellular or radio and/or telephone communication systems with the driver during a race is not permitted.

T 6-2
The use of electronic logic processors to control any function of the race vehicle and/or any system for gathering continuous data from any function of the vehicle is strictly prohibited.
Electronically Controllable adjustable shock absorbers are not permitted.
(a)    Exception - Microprocessors are permitted to control ignition systems
(b)    Exception - Engine Electronic Fuel Injection systems are permitted on Saloon Cars
(c)    Electronic engine RPM counters and limiters are permitted in all classes.
(d)    Single Channel "Playback Tachometers" are approved.

T 6-3
In all classes instrument warning lights to be white, blue or green only.

T 7.    Racing Numbers:
T 7-1.
The Track Livence holder shall be responsible for the allocation of the racing numbers on all classes of vehicles.

T 7-1-1
Racing numbers beginning or ending in 0 other than 0 or 10 are not allowed on any class of vehicle.

T 7-1-2
All numbers to be white on black or black on white.
    Exception: section 10 vehicles which must comply with the following

T 7-1-3    Section 10 vehicles only
Track wishing to allow colour number combinations as listed below must apply in writing to Speedway New Zealand.  No other coloured numbers may be used.
Track promotions may have any of the six following colour combinations as approved by SNZ.
For details on colours refer to Pantone Matching System:
(a)    White on Black or Black on White (Black = Pantone Process Black C)
(b)    Red on White or White on Red (Red = Pantone Process Magenta C)
(c)    Green on White or White on Green (Green = Pantone Green C)
(d)    Yellow on Black and Black on Yellow (Yellow = Pantone Process Yellow C)
(e)    Blue or white or white on blue, blue on yellow or yellow on blue (Blue = Pantone Process Blue C Yellow =     Pantone Process Yellow C)

T 7-1-4
All Track promotions must permit the use of White on Black and Black on White.  All visiting competitors must comply with local number colour rules at all times.  Local number colour rules are to be clearly stated on any meeting entry forms.  The final decision is not protestable.  Refer to section specifications for sizes.  Approved coloured vehicle numbers are not protestable.

T 7-1-5
New Zealand Championship winners should have their number NZ1, NZ2 or NZ3.  
T 7-2.    Track identification codes.
Codes must appear immediately after race numbers on all vehicles, 50 mm x 7 mm for TQ's and motorcycles, 100 mm x 13 mm for all other vehicles - must be white on black, or black on white.  

    Palmerston Nth    P    Kihikihi         K
    Waikato        H    Christchurch        C
    Stratford        S    Hawkes Bay        B
    Wellington        W    Western Springs    A
    Rotorua        R     Waikaraka Park    A
    Gisborne        G    Bay Park         M
    Wanganui        V    Dunedin         D
    Woodford Glen    C    Nelson        N
    Invercargill        I     Cromwell         T
    Blenheim        E    Greymouth        GM
    Westport        Y    Whangarei        WR
    Rosebank        A

T 7-3
Saloons and Modified to have number displayed on rear of car (to be easily read by a following competitor) of minimum size of 100 mm x 20 mm black on white or white on black.