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Speedway New Zealand Seminar dates 2000
Seminar Format
 9.00am - 10.30am    Referees, Stewards, Assistants, Clerks of Course.
11.00am - 11.00am    As above plus Scrutineers
 1.00pm -   3.00pm    As above plus local track officials [flag men firemen lapscorers crashcrews etc]
 3.00pm -   5.00pm    As above plus competitors and other interested parties

Itinary: Dates, Venues, and applicable speedways.

#1      9  September    Napier     Napier Travel Inn        Hawkes Bay and Gisborne Speedways

#2    10 September    Wanganui    Collegiate Motor Inn.        Ocean View Speedway

#3    16 September    Blenheim    Chateau Marlborough    Eastern States and Nelson Speedways

#4    17 September    Christchurch    Pavilions Hotel-Terrace Room    Ronnie Moore & Woodford Glen.

#5    23 September    Auckland    Garden Inn Hotel, Mangere.        Waikaraka park, Westernsprings
                                            Rosbank, Whangarei

#6    24 September    Hamilton    Glenview Club.            Huntly & Kihikihi Speedways.

#7      1 October        Dunedin    Edger Sports Centre        Beachlands, Riverside.
                                            Golden Central Speedway.

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