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On a Streetstock where the rear floor bars connect to the roll cage down tube bars, can a small gusset be installed to back block the rear bars and stop having the rear bar overlapping the smaller down tubes? can the hip plate bars curve in at the rear as they do atthe front.
The upper side pipes attached to the hip plates may be curved.
Rule T13-1-10 (a) requires the rear floor brace to be attached to the rear rollcage down tubes. The rule does not permit the rear floor bar to be attached to gussets

Is it ok to use a G13B engine out of a Suzuki swift in a Minisprint?
Yes the G13B is ok in a minisprint.
How does one "seal" a Mazda Rotory Engine as per the Stockcar Engine seal Rule?
As the Mazda Rotary cannot exceed the maximum engine capacity of 241.6 CuIn. Drivers may apply to the SNZ CEO for an exemption.

What is the maximum height for a Standardstock inlet manifold on a Rover V8?
It depends which manifold you have. If the manifold was an old carburettor inlet manifold you apply rule T12-2-3 (b). The original manifold must be modified to fit a single or two barrel down draft carburettor - the rule does not give a height restriction. If the Rover inlet manifold was an EFI fuel injected manifold then you apply rule T12-2-3 (c). this rule says amoungst other things that the carburettor base measurement must be a maximum of 100mm from the top of the inlet port. As you may now realise, the carburettor manifold and EFI  manifold rules are very different.

What is the maximum cam lobe lift for a Streetstock using a SD1 Rover V8?
All Rover V8's are listed at 0.252"

What is the maximum cam lobe lift for a Streetstock using a Ford 289 V8?
The best Aussie built Ford 289 standard camshaft had a maximum lobe lift of 0.238".

What coil springs may be used in Standardstocks? Can you use carrerra road springs a standardstocks?Can you chrome plate coil springs?
It is impossible to tell the difference between brands of coil spring. The manaufacturer of coil springs is free. Coil springs may also be chromed.

   I want to machine a Toyota Quadcam Inlet Manifold to suit the Standardstock rules. The manifold is some 200mm high I want to mill the lower manifold to 70mm high. I then want to mill the upper manifold to 25mm high and then weld the adaptor plate on top.
Your questions have been sent to the Standardstock technical committee.
The Standardstock committee advise that the Toyota V8 inlet manifold can not be milled and reduced to the 70mm as requested.

I would like to build a EB Fairmont XR8 (Streetstock) for the forthcoming season. They come out with a 302 Windsor & Auto or 5 speed manual. Keeping with the same model & configuration I would like to use a 289 Windsor & Auto. The 289 also being from the Windsor family but keeping under the 290 Cubic inch rule.
As they are fuel injected I would like permission to use a two barrel stromburg as earlier model Falcon V8s used, or failing that a Motorcraft two barrel.
The Streetstock rule below unfortunately prohibits you from using the combination you describe.
Rule T13-1-20 Engine: (a) Original engine as fitted to the make and model. Maximum cubic capacity allowed 4753cc

Can you provide me with cam lift specs for 6 cyl efi commodore motor so my husband can carry on with his new Streetstock car for next season or do we use the specs as listed by SNZ? Thanks
Cam lobe lift = 0.226" for your application. Please refer to             

please can you tell me if you can use a manufactured tyre with a cross groove tread pattern on streetstock. such as the Kumo powermax and some hanook tyres . both are a road tyre. not snow or mud , but once grooved are very good both on dry and wet tracks
The Streetstock rule now describes a "mud & snow" tyre, the new rule now says the groove must be less than 10mm wide or 10mm dep.
Streetstock Rule T13-1-31Tyres:
(a) Standard road tyres only permitted. (b) No winter type treads e.g. Town and Country, Sherpas or Slicks.  (c) May be grooved to any other pattern, but must retain sign of original tread pattern. (d)    Maximum tread groove to be 10mm wide and 10mm deep. No cross grooving permitted.

Congrats on the web site it is very informative especially as I have not got a copy of the rule book.
I am in the process of building a Ministock for next season and have just read the rules on your website, I have a question about the new suspension rule:
Front and rear standard suspension systems must be fitted unaltered; however their mounting points are free.
I am using a Datsun 120Y donor car and have had to cut the leaf springs so as to fit them within the chassis, I have also removed some leafs to soften the rear end, Is this allowed, I have heard that it is common practice.
Will check with Ministock Subcommittee, who will reply via SNZ office.