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Modified Cylinder Head
New Approved Modified Cylinder Head
ProAction Modified Head
Identification Marks for New Modified Cylinder Head
Identification Marks

Streetstock Bumper Updates
  The streetstock Technical Committee has given the following clarification in response to several queries about the definition of round where RHS is used for Streetstock bumpers.

50mm RHS may be used by the following method to comply with the rule T18-1-7-c and T13-1-8-b.

The 50mm RHS bumper may be formed by being cut on three sides and mitred out as indicated in the diagram. The 50mm RHS may be bent and welded on three sides, the front/outer face of the bend must remain uncut. Should a bumper need repairs by being joined and welded the repaired bumper must not be joined at a bend.

Streetstock Rollcage Updates.