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14 December 00.

Change rule T13-1-9(g) to read:
A maximum of five (5) vertical bars and two (2) horizontal bars may be welded, on the drivers side only, between the upper and lower hip plate side bars.

New Rule:
A 75mm x 75mm x 4mm gusset may be welded only to the following brace bars where they join the roll cage: T13-1-9(b), T13-1-10(e), and T13-1-12(j)


Stockcars found to be Over weight and/or under weight prior to racing will incur the following penalty:
1500kg to 1510kg = $30 fine
1510kg to 1515kg = $40 fine
1515kg and above = $50 fine
Rule T12-1-13 still applies and will incur the 1 month suspension.



The SNZ directors are concerned about the direction some chassis builders are taking with new Ministocks. Ministock chassis and rollcages are deviating away from the original plans to the extent that some Ministocks are vastly different to the original plans.

8 November 00

The summary explanation of rule T14 that includes:- "The centre hole of the wheel must fit the hub" refers to OEM wheels, i.e. the OEM wheel must fit the hub with out modifications.This clause does not include fabricated centres.

Rule T14-6-1(e)
The specifications referred to labeled "D","E", and "F" are minimum measurement specifications.

There are no a 'agitator' type reinforced steel wheel centres approved by SNZ.

Rule T14-4-1 explains the minimum offset or bend permitted within the centre web itself and has no relevance to the next rule in the rulebook, being T14-4-2, which explains the criteria required for the placement or offset of the centre web within the outer rim of the wheel.

There are no exceptions to rule T14-4-4. The minimum measurement of the centre web is 10mm.


31st October 00
Go Here for Streetstock front bumper clarification.
The Streetstock diagram here has had part of the body line removed.

26th October. 00
Race dates updated, Waikaraka, Southland, Rosebank.
The front bumper under rider bar "depth" measurement of 100 mm referred to on page 218 of the SNZ rule book is a minimum measurement.
Re Page 215  clause - "Front and rear standard suspension systems must be unaltered, however their mounting points are free"
The above clause permits the use of suitable material to locate the upper suspension bearing so long as the said location material does not increase the strength of the chassis indicated in the plans. The "material" is not important and may be tubular [including threaded] RHS, or plate.

4 th September. 00
There is an important problem with the rules regarding the T13-1-10 rear floor bars and the T13-1-9 (b) bars. the words pertaining to these two bars do not support the illustration on page 188 of the 2000 SNZ rule book.
If one reads the rules carefully one will read that the 13-1-9 (b) bars are not permitted to be attached to the 13-1-10 bars. The words do in fact only allow the 13-1-9 (b) bars to be attached to the floor or chassis.
The directors are aware that 95% of Streetstocks were built last season with the two sets of bars joined at the rear and that 95% of Streetstocks are going to be built this way.If Streetstocks were built according to the words as written in the rules they would be unsafe. The Directors have agreed that the rear bars of the Streetstock should be built as per the illustration on page 188 of the 2000 rule book. The following clause has been added to the Streetstock specifications to clarify the situation until next conference.
The T13-1-9 (b) bar may be attached to the T13-1-10 rear floor bar.
In this instance the extra joining bar at the rear of the T13-1-9 (b) bar is not permitted.
The illustration on page 188 in this situation indicates part of the rear bumper.
Go here for Details.

1 St. September. 00
The Modified Technical Committee recently considered the specifications of a new small block Chevrolet cast iron cylinder head as manufactured by Pro Action and found this particular Cylinder head to comply with the current specifications for the Modified class.
The following recommendation was made to and accepted by the SNZ Directors at their recent meeting in Auckland:
That the TF2 Head, or Lightening Head, from Pro Action be allowed.
Go Here for Details.
Palmerston North Race Dates
Huntly Race Dates

23 rd August. 00
Plenty of new technical questions and answers.
The                                             have been Changed. The old Rover V8 Specification was 0.235" which is the specification as listed for Range Rover. The SD1 Cam lobe lift is listed as 0.252"
The Ford 289 V8 is also listed as well.

12 th August. 00
Speedway New Zealand Training seminar dates page added.
Cromwell Race Dates added

22nd June. 00
Calendar of submitted Race Dates added.
Rule numbers added to Saloon Car specs.

21st June. 00.
Sprintcar specifications now with rule numbers added

Inlet Manifold Toyota Quad Cam.  
Inlet Manifold Toyota Quad Cam Side


November 5, 2000
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