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Electronic Lapscoring

This page is to bring you information on Electronic Lap scoring issues at SNZ tracks.
The Dorian Data I Electronic Lap scoring equipment is installed at Stratford and Palmerston North.
Tracks planning their installation of the Dorian Electronic Lap scoring system are Meanee and Gisborne.
If all goes to plan all four tracks will be running the system this the 2000/2001 racing season.

Meetings that may well be electronically recorded this season include;
New Zealand Stockcars at Meanee.
North Island Stockcars at Palmerston North.
North Island Saloons at Palmerston North.
North Island Midgets at Stratford.
New Zealand Modifieds at Stratford.
New Zealand Three Quarter Midgets at Stratford.

Speedway New Zealand have engaged a manufacturer for the container boxes required to house the transponders on your race vehicle. So far the prototype container boxes have been made.
At this time the location of Container Box on the various cars are being addressed.